has reached and influenced tens of millions through viral political videos. He currently runs We Are Thinking (WAT), an educational website featuring Q&A videos featuring experts in various fields, leaders with advanced degrees and fellow Mensans.

To find out about WAT, go to www.wearethinking.com. Mitchell was the GOP nominee for NC Senate (D16) in 2014. After he did not win, Wake County Commissioners unanimously voted to appoint him to the Council for Health and Fitness, where he successfully served a two-year term.

A successful entrepreneur with a passion for low taxes and the Second Amendment, Mitchell eventually became the GOP nominee for NC Senate in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2014. While he didn’t win, he received nearly twice the votes that pundits had predicted for what was a deep blue, Democratic stronghold. In an email to supporters, Wake County Democratic Party chairman Dan Blue III wrote that “the Wake County GOP’s future and its brand rests on the shoulders of Molotov Mitchell.” Following his loss, Wake County commissioners unanimously appointed Molotov to serve on the Council for Health and Fitness. “He’s big into physical fitness,” then-commissioner Phil Matthews told reporters. “I’d hate to have to work out with him!”

Pioneer and Disruptor in Political Filmmaking

Molotov Mitchell has been both praised and smeared by numerous media outlets including Wired Magazine, Huffington Post, American Thinker and the New York Times. Starting in 2007, Molotov Mitchell’s popular weekly show “For the Record” and other investigative short films exploded across the web, illuminating numerous accounts of political maladministration, fraud and deception.

One of his most popular videos, “I Invented the Internet: The Audacity,” racked up over 7 million views in just two days on Eyeblast TV (the former video platform of the Media Research Council). As a video journalist for WND-TV, he was sent to Texas and Arizona to document the myriad crises occurring along our Southern border, as well as the boroughs of New York City to expose the corruption surrounding Park 51 a.k.a. the 9/11 period.