And Excerpts

“Once, a father was putting his son to bed. It was late, the boy was afraid of the dark and he started to cry. He was afraid that monsters were hiding in the shadows.

His father asked, ‘What would you like me to do, son?’ The boy sniffed and wiped away his tears. ‘Will you pray,’ he asked. ‘That God will keep me safe from the monsters?’

At first, the father was pleased to hear his son looking to Heaven for protection, and he opened his lips to pray. But then he paused. He realized that to do so would send his son down a path that he might never escape.

So he turned, gently took his little man by his shoulders and smiled. ‘No, Son,’ he replied. ‘I won’t pray that God makes you safe. But I will pray that he makes you dangerous. So dangerous, that no monster would ever want to put a hand upon you.’

An Excerpt from "Atlas Krav Maga: Molotov Mitchell"

“I don't walk into any room that I don't know how to walk out of. The same goes for countries. In hostile countries, cities can spontaneously erupt in violence. So, if you can legally obtain a gun, do that immediately.

When I was working in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood was gearing up to overthrow Mohamed Morsi. Tensions ran high. As you might suspect, I couldn't legally obtain a firearm. In hostile regions, guns are typically restricted to military/cartel/jihadi use.

But hey, if bullets are coming my way, I'd really like the option to send some back. So, one of the first things I did after arriving was develop a relationship with a waiter who could get me and my colleague AK-47's within 2 hours.”

An Excerpt from “10 MUST-HAVES for Hostile Regions” an article written for RECOIL Magazine

“The best thing about Krav Maga is that size and strength don't matter nearly as much in the real world as they do in sports like wrestling or MMA. And why? Because no matter how much muscle a guy can pack on, his eyes will always be soft.

His ears still peel off. His groin and trachea can't be strengthened to withstand striking. With soft targets like these, a trained woman can decimate an attacker twice her size without breaking a sweat.”

An excerpt from the best-selling book SAFEGUARD: Real Self Defense for a Changing World

“Jesus Christ believed in freedom. He didn't raise an army to sack the cities of unbelievers like Muhammed did. He didn't force people to convert like Muhammed did. Jesus didn't force people to do anything, really!

He simply offered people a life of discipline, love and hardship. If people wanted it, they were free to take it. If not, their loss. But Jesus never went after people for disagreeing, mocking or rejecting Him, and He was rejected all the time!

He didn't even fight back when He was arrested, beaten and crucified. So, keep that in mind, next time someone tries to equivocate about religions, in general.”

Excerpt from “For the Record” WND-TV

“Why do some people say politically correct? It’s the same reason that they say ‘social justice’ instead of simply justice. Because they know that politically correct is not factually correct.

They want it to be treated as correct, of course, but it’s not. You can call it politically correct or pretend correct or any other gimmicked version you want, but that doesn’t make it so. It’s just plain incorrect.

When you think about it, PC thinking is the antithesis of reason. It’s a national embarrassment that we’ve allowed it to suppress free speech and poison our public policies.”

Excerpt from “For the Record” on WND-TV