The Arts

Molotov has Produced Art
in the Following Forms


Wrote and produced “We Love Tokyo,”

The Official Soundtrack of the award-winning documentary “Dark Planet: Visions


Molotov has played characters in the movie Wesley

Krav Maga: Compendium
and earned Best Stuntman for his role as Cole Markham in the award-winning “WASTERS.”

Infernally Yours

An American Revolution. A general fighting for freedom. The demon sent to kill him. Who doesn't cherish the stories of great world leaders and their bitter foes? Churchill and Hitler.


Safeguard: Real Self-Defense for a Changing World

Our world today is an enigma. One one hand, we live in a time that is safer than any other. Security is heightened, travel is secure.



  • 2008

    Molotov Mitchell took an IQ test and scored a 137 (99.3rd percentile). But questioning the reliability of an impersonal online test, Mitchell chose to undergo the more rigorous, monitored intelligence testing of Mensa, the world’s oldest and largest high IQ society. Mitchell passed their test and was officially inducted into their ranks the following year.

  • 2015

    Molotov and his wife divorced in 2015. In the year that followed, he struggled with bouts of depression. He used art and creative writing to cope.

  • FACT

    Molotov has died and come back twice.

  • FACT

    With a keen interest in order and patterns, Molotov Mitchell often plays with the concept of time in his visual artwork.